You fill the inquiry form

ACCOUNTING TO INDIA has an easy form called “Preliminary Assessment Form” to allow us to get your details for quick and easy communication. These include your name, business name , contact details, nature of the services you would like to outsource.


The client relations team calls or emails you

Team of ACCOUNTING TO INDIA working around the clock andwe guarantee the fastest response after you contact us. Our representatives are highly experienced accountants and are keen to listen to the client to apprehend their needs and provide the best solutions.


Project kick-off meeting

we organize a project-kick-off meeting with every one who shall be working on this project. It is a familiarization get-together where we discuss objectives, terms of engagement, and communication channels among other things.


Pricing Estimation

In most cases, our client’s representative will provide a rough estimation or approximation based on the services you need. We endeavor to provide an estimate that falls within the actual range to help our clients start planning timely.



Our team prepares and presents a comprehensive proposal for the project based on the client’s request. We include all details about the outsourced services, the costs, timeline and everything else the client needs.


Contracting & SLA sign-off

Once the pricing and all other aspects of engagement including SLA have been organised, our team and the client sign the contract. We recommend a transparent contract developed in mutual trust for the best working relationship


Resource Deployment And Training

Once the contract signing is complete, we begin on resource mobilization and deployment to ensure everything needed is in place. We recognize the experts to work with the client and all other resources required for the contract. We embark on training both teams for the project for a pleasant working relationship.


Trial Period Stage

7 days period of time during which process are tested and learnt accurately. This will help us to understand the transactions of the organization and improve our efficiency & quality.
Process documents will be prepared for most of the process and send for approval to client.
No charges will be billed in this trial period stage except for any adhoc activities.